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    We’re excited to have Kesha back on the show tonight! 


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    This is exactly why we have this technology

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    mostly nature

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    Human Rights Watch researcher Letta Tayler  just got back from Iraq where she documented tales of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) forcing mass expulsions and murders of Christians and ethnic minorities who are told to convert. Tayler explains the recent edict ISIS issued for Christians in the city of Mosul: 

    "ISIS issued an edict around mid-July and it said, "You’ve got three choices: convert, pay us a jihad tax, get out of town—and if you don’t do those, you’ll face the sword."

    This was, of course, an absolutely chilling message. It was disseminated throughout the city and on the Internet as well, and at that point most of the Christians had already fled Mosul, but the few remaining families, and we’re still talking several hundred, apparently, just packed up and left. Some left with nothing but the clothes on backs, others piled whatever precious possessions they could into their cars and some of them then found at ISIS checkpoints that they were robbed of those few precious possessions that they had hoped to bring out with them. So it has been an absolutely terrifying part of a broader campaign to “cleanse” … Mosul and surrounding areas, of anyone who does not espouse this strict interpretation of Sharia that ISIS espouses.”

    Propaganda image of ISIS via NBC news 

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    Why You Need to Take a Vacation (Even When You Can’t Afford One)

    Some people just won’t take a break. Here, Inc. columnists share the business benefits and necessities of vacation.”

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    mostly nature

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    Christian Meriam Ibrahim meets Pope Francis After escaping Sudan

    (Photo: Osservatore Romano / Handout / EPA)

    A mother put on death row for refusing to reject Christianity met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thursday, just hours after she fled Sudan.

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    My Dearest friend has the most amazing faery garden! Looks like the gates of Avalon! Surrounded by chunks of rose quarts, quartz crystals, gifts and candy! Be still my heart~

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