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    "i don’t like garlic bread"image

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    Blok 23, Novi Beograd

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    FUCK science

    okay now hold on a second


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    nature & vintage blog
    strictly nature

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    vintage & nature blog

    strictly nature

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  10. Invited citizen journalist at GOP rally violently arrested for recording speakers



    Nydia Tisdale, a citizen journalist, was invited to a GOP rally in Atlanta, but State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens demanded that she (and not other, more friendly press) stop recording his speech; when she refused, he summoned a deputy who violently arrested her and then charged her with felony obstruction after she elbowed him while he was bending her over and pressing his groin into her buttocks.

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    Coleoptera (Beetle) entomology.

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    Vertical nature

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    Industrial designer Scott Summit, of Summit ID, creates incredibly beautiful prosthetic pieces. They are created on a 3D printer, with the user’s other limbs as a point of reference, resulting in beautifully symmetric limbs.  

    His philosophy of creating personal and elegant rather than mass-produced, functional pieces really shows through the grace of his work.  

    Some of the more beautiful things that come out of this philosophy range from recreating a tattoo that was lost to matching a purse to looking like a piece of sport equipment: whatever is important and personal to the wearer’s life become reflected in their new prosthetic limb. 

    (Listen to his Ted Talk here)

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