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    Dandelion. Acrylic on board :)

    I’ve been watching a lot of Orange is the New Black

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    Carl & Stu are feeling just peachy thanks to the #ExtraSUNday promotion. Learn more and enter for a chance to win at Lipton SUNday.com.

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  6. "Books don’t offer real escape, but they can stop a mind scratching itself raw."
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    That look ur mom gives u when u embarrass her in public but she can’t kill u yet


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    This Week in Pictures: July 19-25

    As the bodies of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 were transferred to the Netherlands this week for identification and repatriation, shock turned to grief and mourning for the 298 people who lost their lives when the aircraft was shot down over eastern Ukraine. Israeli and Palestinian casualties mounted and efforts to instill a ceasefire failed in the third week of intense fighting in Gaza. 

    (Photo: Marcel Van Horn/EPA)

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    Today my boyfriend bought a label maker

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    The Enlightenment crewneck taking in the #campvibes. Great photo by @ailujrose! #poler #polerstuff #campvibes @polerportland @polernyc by polerstuff

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